Where is Don Valley Collision Centre located?
AWe are located on 15 Mobile Drive North York, ON M4A 1H5. If you need help with directions call us at (416) 751-5190.
How much time will it take to repair my vehicle?
ATime frame of repair varies differently for every vehicle. It depends on insurance approval, part orders, and time span of labour. Usually all vehicles are repaired under two weeks. Request an Estimate today
How much will it cost to repair my vehicle?
AOnce we examine your vehicle, we will determine the total cost of repairs. Call us to book an appointment today
My engine light is on, should I still drive my car?
AEngine light is an indication that you must get your vehicle checked as soon as possible.
Vehicle not driving as fast, does my car need a tune-up?
AIf your engine light is on, or you feel that your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy has decreased, then your vehicle requires a tune-up. Specific vehicles require tune-ups at various stages throughout their life. Owners manual will specify check-up at certain mileage.
Smell of oil burning through the vents of my vehicle. Will it blow up?
AThis is an indication that your vehicle is burning excessive oil and requires a check-up.
My vehicle is leaking oil fluid from underneath, what is wrong?
AMultiple reasons as to why your vehicle is experiencing oil fluid leaks from underneath. Few possible reasons could be worn pistons, worn gaskets, oil filter not attached correctly, or high oil pressure. We highly recommend contacting us for more information.
Why is my vehicle’s Engine Management Warning Light on?
AWhen the engine/ignition light is switched on, it indicates a malfunction with the engine management system. Have it checked to prevent further damage.
What to do in case ABS (Anti Braking System) Warning Light is on?
AWhen the ABS light is on while driving, it indicates an insecure malfunction. Please have it checked as soon as possible.
What to do if passenger or driver Airbag Warning Light is on?
AIf your driver air-bag or passenger airbag light is illuminated, it indicates a malfunction in the airbag system. We recommend having this checked as soon as possible.
What to do if Battery Warning Light is on?
AIf your battery light is on while driving, it indicates that your battery is not being charged as there is a fault in the battery charging system.
What does it mean if Oil Pressure Warning Light is on.
AThis light will illuminate when the ignition is switched on and should extinguish as soon as the engine starts. If the light is on while the engine is on, stop immediately, switch off the engine and check the engine oil level. If the warning lamp is on when the oil level is correct, do not start the engine. Please seek assistance.
Do I have to book an appointment?
AWe strongly recommend to Book an Appointment with Don Valley Collision Centre to get the best and quickest auto repair service within Southern Ontario.

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